10:45 am

Climate change reshapes the major drivers of false spring risk across European trees

Harvard University

Catherine Chamberlain, Benjamin Cook, Ignacio Morales-Castilla, & Elizabeth Wolkovich


11:00 am

Impacts of drought on the reproductive output of solitary bees in a subalpine habitat

University of Ottawa

Lydia Wong & Jessica Forrest


11:15 am

Climate change contributes to widespread declines among bumble bees across continent

University of Ottawa

Peter Soroye, Tim Newbold, & Jeremy Kerr

11:30 am

Interaction between snow and temperature produces extreme effects on butterfly population dynamics

University of Cincinnati

Stephen F. Matter & Jens Roland


11:45 am

Natural system vulnerabilities to climate change and the steps towards resilience

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority

Namrata Shrestha

12:00 pm

Coping and adapting to climatic events: insights from farming communities in semi-arid Ghana

York University

Balikisu Osman

12:15 pm

The influence of precipitation and grazing management on plant communities across Western Canada

University of Alberta

Jessica Grenke, Cameron N. Carlyle, Edward W. Bork, Richard R. Teague, Mark S. Boyce, James F. Cahill Jr.