1:30 pm

Cross acclimation between freezing and drought in herbaceous plants

Western University

Ricky Kong & Hugh Henry


1:45 pm

Are herbaceous legumes in the northern temperate zone disproportionately susceptible to freezing?

Western University

Samuel Rycroft & Hugh Henry

2:00 pm

The effects of consumer pressure and abiotic stress on plant interactions are mediated by extreme climate events

University of Alberta

Alessandro Filazzola, Amanda R. Liczner, Michael F. Westphal, Christopher J. Lortie

2:15 pm

How to estimate network structure without data

Université de Montréal

Francis Banville, Timothée Poisot, Dominique Gravel and Andrew MacDonald

2:30 pm

The influence of climatic drivers on extreme algal outbursts in lakes globally

York University

Arnab Shuvo, Alessandro Filazzola, Octavia Mahdiyan, Carolyn Ewins, Luke Moslenko, Roberto Quinlan, Derek Gray, Catherine O’Reilly, & Sapna Sharma

2:45 pm

Extreme events in freshwater lakes in a changing world

York University

Arshad Imrit, Alessandro Filazzola, Kevin Blagrave, & Sapna Sharma

3:00 pm

Can zooplankton on the Great Plains “keep up” with climate-driven salinity change

University of Waterloo

Mariam Elmarsafy & Derek Gray